Sunday, July 25, 2010

internship sentiments

My final report assessing my internship this summer is due on Friday. As I sit here in Starbucks writing it, something very odd happened. In between "this was such valuable experience" and "I couldn't be happier about my choice", the words "I'm kind of the office bitch" bubbled up out of my brain and onto my keyboard. A few seconds later I glanced at my screen, horrified, and quickly deleted the words. This isn't the first time my fingers have typed something subconsciously--but I'm glad I caught this one...not sure how my supervisor at Auburn would feel about that particular sentiment.

(nobody's an office bia like this guy)

The funny thing is, I really did enjoy my internship--but I think being trained my whole life to believe that an intern is supposed to do the boss's laundry and agree with everything they say had an effect on my outlook. Suddenly, when I had to scan something or stuff an envelop, I was thinking of myself as the "office bitch". If I had looked around for a second, I would have seen every other employee periodically doing the same thing.

So here's a word out to all you future interns (and to myself 2 months ago): Everybody has do to the dirty the first time you start to feel sorry for yourself while walking to check the mail on your boss's bidding, get over it. Everyone's been there, and it builds a little character ;)

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  1. amen sister friend. ps. we are breaking this game of tag THIS WEEK. end of story oxoxoxoxoxo