Tuesday, June 8, 2010

can't steal MY joy

Where to start on this whirlwind of a week...

My internship at Panorama Public Relations is fabulous. I'm learning so much about PR, and getting to work with clients like Belk (fashion PR!!), American Behavioral and Bayou La Batre. I feel like such a big girl getting up early everyday and dressing the part of a successful PR professional...did I mention I'm simply dressing the part? I think I've got a long way to go before the rest comes true.

Me and Caroline went to Birmingham Museum of Art's "Art on the Rocks" together. Got our picture taken for myscoop.com's best dressed feature, had some classy hors'deourves, and listened to Erin McCarley rock out.

Other than having my car broken into and having a stolen iPod and GPS weighing on my shoulders (oh and did I mention the $1,400 worth of car damage?), Birmingham has be pretty good to me.

Now time to make friends. Okay. I'll get right on that.

Nobody ever told me how striking the difference is between making friends in college and making friends post-grad.

College: no effort, friends come to me.
Post-grad: big-time effort to make friends while spontaneously trying to shake the impulse to blow the whole thing off because I've already got friends. But guess what? They live somewhere else.

So in the meantime it's just me and my virtually-friendless-Birmingham-self, my smashed car, awesome job and my unwillingness to let anything steal my joy.

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  1. You have perfectly nailed the post-grad dilemma -- good on you for figuring it out so quickly and not shaking the impulse off! It took me about 2 years and losing one boyfriend to figure that one out. :) I hope to see you in B'ham sometime soon.