Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 lbs.

I just read on a friend's blog that her baby, now 2 months old, just weighed in at 10 lbs.

I was more than 10 lbs. Well...when. I. was. BORN.

See that baby, yes, the one who appears cross-eyed. New. Born. And huge.

Big baby.

Giant baby.

Ok, well this puts it in a little more perspective...

Ok, so maybe 10 lbs. isn't too bad. But every time I see a chubby infant, my "Awww!" factor reaches new heights.

P.S.-Lucy, this one's for you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

internship sentiments

My final report assessing my internship this summer is due on Friday. As I sit here in Starbucks writing it, something very odd happened. In between "this was such valuable experience" and "I couldn't be happier about my choice", the words "I'm kind of the office bitch" bubbled up out of my brain and onto my keyboard. A few seconds later I glanced at my screen, horrified, and quickly deleted the words. This isn't the first time my fingers have typed something subconsciously--but I'm glad I caught this one...not sure how my supervisor at Auburn would feel about that particular sentiment.

(nobody's an office bia like this guy)

The funny thing is, I really did enjoy my internship--but I think being trained my whole life to believe that an intern is supposed to do the boss's laundry and agree with everything they say had an effect on my outlook. Suddenly, when I had to scan something or stuff an envelop, I was thinking of myself as the "office bitch". If I had looked around for a second, I would have seen every other employee periodically doing the same thing.

So here's a word out to all you future interns (and to myself 2 months ago): Everybody has do to the dirty the first time you start to feel sorry for yourself while walking to check the mail on your boss's bidding, get over it. Everyone's been there, and it builds a little character ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

can't steal MY joy

Where to start on this whirlwind of a week...

My internship at Panorama Public Relations is fabulous. I'm learning so much about PR, and getting to work with clients like Belk (fashion PR!!), American Behavioral and Bayou La Batre. I feel like such a big girl getting up early everyday and dressing the part of a successful PR professional...did I mention I'm simply dressing the part? I think I've got a long way to go before the rest comes true.

Me and Caroline went to Birmingham Museum of Art's "Art on the Rocks" together. Got our picture taken for's best dressed feature, had some classy hors'deourves, and listened to Erin McCarley rock out.

Other than having my car broken into and having a stolen iPod and GPS weighing on my shoulders (oh and did I mention the $1,400 worth of car damage?), Birmingham has be pretty good to me.

Now time to make friends. Okay. I'll get right on that.

Nobody ever told me how striking the difference is between making friends in college and making friends post-grad.

College: no effort, friends come to me.
Post-grad: big-time effort to make friends while spontaneously trying to shake the impulse to blow the whole thing off because I've already got friends. But guess what? They live somewhere else.

So in the meantime it's just me and my virtually-friendless-Birmingham-self, my smashed car, awesome job and my unwillingness to let anything steal my joy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

pardon the nostalgia

My room is empty. My apartment is empty. My heart is empty? Nah...that's a little dramatic. But I am equally welcoming and running from the new season of life that is closing in upon me.

I'm going to miss this

And this

And this

And them

You'll have to excuse my nostalgia lately...leaving a place as special as Auburn does it to you. Next stop: BIRMINGHAM!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoarding: Buried Alive

This show makes me want to do nothing but clean for the rest of my life.

The thing is--every time it comes on TV it's like a car just can't look away.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Tea Rose

I know it seems like this blog has become my outlet for book criticism, but I have to publicly express my love for this book--The Tea Rose. If you haven't read it, you should. End of story. I've just finished reading it for the second time (I read it for the first time last year), and I can't wait to move on the the sequel--The Winter Rose.